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We're dropping in on the Amazon Shareholder Meeting

Amazon has put profit ahead of doing the right thing with its affiliation with ALEC, shady business practices and tax dodging, but this May the 24th the 99% are crashing their shareholder meeting in the heart of downtown Seattle at the Seattle Art Museum. Come join in on the fun.

Amazon still supports the ultra-right wing corporate lobbying group ALEC. This organization routinely writes “model legislation” that actively fights workers’ rights, creates more tax loopholes for big corporations, and erodes the social safety net that too many of us rely on in this still tough economy.

On Thursday, May 24th, we are gathering underneath the Hammering Man at 8:30 AM to show the giant online retailer that they are accountable to the 99%. Seattle Art Museum 1300 First Avenue Seattle, WA.

We will be inside the shareholder meeting raising the important questions. Why does Amazon support ALEC? Why does Amazon continue to treat its warehouse workers so poorly? Why does Amazon not pay its fair share in taxes? We’ll ask directly to the executives and CEO Jeff Bezos.

We’ll be persistent. We won’t let them dodge our questions like they’ve dodged their responsibilities.

Join us Thursday, May 24, by signing up to the right.

Together we can make a difference. In fact, we already have.